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How to Reduce Acne Within a Week

Acne is a skin condition which causes eruptions on the skin. Eruptions are mainly seen in face, shoulders, scalp and the back. It is found that teenagers are more susceptible to acne. Almost 85% of the teenagers around the world are found to be the victims of acne problem. One might wonder why teenage children are most affected by acne. The fact is that teenagers are very active and the exposure to sun is more for them as they indulge in many outdoor activities. Another reason is that it is the age, when maximum hormonal changes are taking place in your body.

In girls, the onset of acne occurs at their puberty period, when the body stars to produce female hormones, usually between the ages of 11 to 13. The boys mature later than girls, so for them the critical years starts from 14. When acne attacks teenagers, it will take quite some time to recede in the beginning stages. As the years pass by, the amount of acne will considerably reduce and the timing that the acne lasts will also come down. Most teenagers are upset by seeing acne develop on their face, neck or chest and will resolve to different methods of eliminating it.

The following are some of the methods by which acne can be removed within a week:

Medications: Topical medications as well as oral medications are there which can help to reduce within seven days and are administered depending upon the severity of the acne condition. Topical medicines like Retinoid, Benzoyl Peroxide, Antibiotics and Acne Getaway are used in treating mild to moderate acne in a faster way. If the inflammation of the skin due to acne is severe and other medications become inactive, such acne can be treated with an oral antibiotic called isotretinoin effectively.

Herbal remedies: There are several herbal remedies available in the market. Some herbal remedies might work for you and some may not. Only by trial and error, you will be able to find out which suits you most. Herbs like tea tree oil, licorice root, German chamomile and flax seed oil have inflammation reducing properties and are used in treating acne.

Avoiding animal fats and vegetable oils: We take in lots of fats and oils through our food. Avoiding these foods can improve your acne considerably.

Take in plenty of nutrients and water: Increase the amount of nutrients you are consuming, as these nutrients can affect your skin positively. Drinking lots of water can maintain the moisture of the skin as well as help in removing waste and toxins from your body.

Apart from all these natural remedies and methods to prevent acne, taking care of your personal hygiene is very important. You should wash your face every morning and night without some anti bacterial mild cleansers in order to allow your face skin to breathe easily. The anti bacterial content in these face washes will aid in killing the bacteria on your face. Exercising is a vital activity that you should carry out in order to prevent the occurrence of acne. So, with all these tips about medications and natural remedies you can remove acne without much difficulty.

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