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Acne and Personal Hygiene

One of the most common types of skin conditions that are seen in teenagers and in some adults is acne. Many dermatologists are of the opinion that a combination of factors are the causes of acne and the most important cause is the hormonal changes that takes place in a person during the adolescent period which is usually between 12 to 24 years. In fact, acne is caused due to the clogging of the pores of the skin which in turn prevents the sebum oil to reach the surface of the skin. Acne is found to commonly affect the areas of the skin where the sebaceous glands are more and these areas of a human body are: face, neck, scalp, back, chest, upper arms and shoulders.

Let us drive home the fact that, till date there is no cure for acne. However, the advancements of science and research have resulted in many treatments that help us prevent acute acne problems. Controlling and curing acne can boost the self esteem as well As the confidence in a teenager. Lack of personal hygiene is an important factor which worsens the acne conditions in teenagers and in some adults.

Many treatments and products for acne are based on personal hygiene. As acne is caused by the deposition of dirt and oil under the pores of the skin, thorough cleaning of the affected areas with cleansing agents or with mild soap and water twice or thrice a day is necessary. Never use harsh soaps when you have acne problems as it can causes irritation to the skin of the affected areas and may sometimes worsen the area. Most of the liquid soaps and cleansers contain ingredients that promote healing of the skin that is affected by acne or pimples. These cleansers are successful in removing the excess oil, sweat and other dirt from the surface of the skin.

After properly cleansing the skin, it is advisable to apply topical medications like creams, lotions, gels etc on the acne affected area. Excessive use of the cleansing products can dry your skin and cause irritation. For teenagers who have oily skin, products which remove excess oil should be used. Teenagers who have dry skin can use mild skin cleansers or soaps on their skin. Keeping the scalp clean is also necessary to keep away acne from scalp, shoulders and back. People who have dandruff are susceptible to attacks of acne as well.

It is better to use separate bath towels and face towels for teenagers suffering from acne problems. In acute cases, internal medication in combination with topical medicines may be necessary. Teenagers suffering from acne should avoid using cosmetics as much as possible. Nowadays, there are many acne cleansers and cosmetics that contain a small amount of acne medication available in all the stores, which can be used for preventing acne developments. It is advisable that you read the instructions and understand the chemical compositions used in the preparation of the cleansers or topical medications before starting to use them. So, a clean and a hygienic body will not be affected by severe acne problems.

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